Special projects

Special projects

Bakers today face the ongoing challenge of meeting the increasing demand for their delicious traditionally baked products at lower prices. They also have to comply with strict quality and hygiene requirements.

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All our solutions are customised, but some products are so unique that they require their own specific solution. 

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know the challenges and together with our clients we seek appropriate solutions for automation while maintaining quality. Whether you’re making cream cakes, pies or cheesecakes, together we will find the best solution for you! 


Special custom solutions

  • Discuss your requirements, aims and recipes
  • Draw up a concept design and work plan
  • Visualise the ideal solution for your products, which we can do at an early stage
  • After discussing the design, calculate the necessary budget
  • After your approval, start the detailed design
  • We manufacture and assemble the custom solution
  • After completing our internal testing, you conduct the factory acceptance test (FAT)
  • Transport and install your custom solution
  • Conduct the acceptance test together with you and give your staff instructions and training they need.
  • For complex installations we guide you through the initial production runs.

What you can count on

  • Little downtime: high-speed and reliable production
  • Efficiency: no unnecessary activities
  • Speed: our machines can cut up to 25,000 cakes and pastries per hour
  • Tailored to your needs: to match your products and work processes and variable portions
  • Hygiene: easy to clean
  • Quality: no loss of quality thanks to our technical know-how  

And all this in the space you have in mind. Because this is what we always aim for. We are convinced that we can always offer you the best solution in the market.


Our profession

From small bakery to large scale production: there’s an efficient solution for everything. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can devise creative solutions which increase your bakery output.


Thanks to the experience of our team, both in the bakery and on the machine side of things, we are familiar with the processes and challenges of our clients. And we translate this to fitting solutions.

Manual work

Out of respect for the trade, the end product is always our main focus. So your product is always our starting point. 

Carefree production

We are aware of the strict regulations within the food sector. That is why we always make sure that our solutions fit the requirements. 


We usually create unique production lines for our clients, but, of course, a good solution can be used repeatedly. And this is why we have a number of standard modules. These are solutions that can be bought individually. If you need something special, we’re more than happy to think along with you. 

UC-400 Cutting machine for round and tray-baked products

The UC-400 can cut almost every type of cake: from rectangular traybakes to round cakes. Cakes, fruit flans, biscuit and shortbread dough, decorated with fruit and much more.  

  • All-round cutting machine: the UC-400 cuts cakes and pies into  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 slices
  • The machine can slice round cakes and cut traybakes into rectangles, triangles and other straight shapes.
  • Easy to switch from one type of product to another with quick setup times
Technical specifications

UC-600 Cutting machine for baked products

The UC-600 is a larger version of the UC-400. This machine requires less manual intervention than the UC-400. Thanks to the ultrasonic cutting technique, cakes and pastries can be cut in very neatly in straight lines, without contamination.

  • Cutting different shapes  
  • Hygienic design with easy access for cleaning
  • Transparent guard provides a good overview of the products and the cutting process
  • Machine is mobile
  • Modular design: can easily be modified
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to switch from one type of product to another with quick setup times
Technical specifications

HSC 1-12 Cutting machine for puff pastry and millefeuilles

Cutting puff pastry and millefeuilles is an art in itself. And, of course, we have a solution for this too. The HSC 1-12 cutting machine is specifically designed for freshly baked products with multiple layers of different consistencies.  

  • Capacity: up to 8,000 units per hour
  • No contamination of ingredients  
  • Capacity in a high-performance line: up to 23,000 units per hour
  • Highly reliable
  • Cutting cakes and pastries from large to very small sizes
  • The touch screen enables you to easily apply previous settings
Technical specifications

Ad van Mourik - owner Bankethuis

"Rens Bakery Solutions differences itself by providing real customization based solutions in needs of the costumers. After an inventory of the production process, automation solutions were designed and realized. The collaboration has brought us another step forward in the field of hygiene, quality and capacity."